Role of Precast Compound Wall : 2023

By JR Smart Walls | Date :- 13 – Sep – 2023

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precast compound wall

Precast compound walls play an essential part in the field of construction. The precast compounds are constructed by casting concrete using flexible rubber mould. Only designed to be used with precast compound walls made by JR Smart Walls.The primary benefit of precast compound walls is their ease of putting up and quicker construction of compound walls. Homeowners, builders, etc., can quickly build their compounds using precast compound walls. It is incredibly durable and durable at a reasonable cost.

How are precast compound walls made?

Precast boundary walls are built by mixing concrete, which results in sturdy and durable walls with a long-lasting life. Precast compounds offer numerous advantages, including high-quality, affordable, efficient, time-saving, longer-lasting durability, and attractive styles.

The mould for precast compound walls created by rubber is designed with specific measurements to make excellent compound walls. Precast wall panels are constructed from concrete using rubber moulds made specifically for the precast boundary walls. The moulds made of rubber for making precast compound walls are constructed using high-quality raw rubber materials obtained from our state of Kerala, India.

Precast compound wall moulds design

We are now sharing the beautiful and trendy precast compound walls and precast compound wall mould designs from JR Smart Walls.

PP 204 Urban Fence

The design is commonly used in restaurants, resorts, and similar establishments. It has relatively small spaces between columns, offering a stunning view of the surroundings. Fence designs are superior to other fences.

DS 102 Brick design

The DS 102 brick style is one of the most popular designs frequently used in residential zones and commercial areas to safeguard our homes. DS 102 brick-designed compound wall features a brick-shaped shape. We were unable to recognize the wall made of brick since it’s similar to the walls constructed from regular brick. It makes the DS 102 brick design more desirable than other wall designs.

DS 101 Tide wave design

Due to JR’s precast boundary wall, the DS 101 Tide wave design is unique and stunning. DS 101 Tide wave precast compound wall has been designed with the shape of a wave, which gives our home or plot an altogether different look. The shape of the precast boundary wall is built from cement, making moulds of rubber to make the wall. The wall is finished with an outstanding finish and is solid and long-lasting.

Benefits of precast compound wall design

High strength

Precast boundary walls made using precast moulds made by JR smart walls are incredibly robust and last long. That is due to all the raw materials utilized in the compound wall precast being of premium quality. We also use top-quality rubber raw materials sourced from our state of Kerala, India. Concrete vibrating tables utilized during manufacturing help to fill the air gap between cement elements, which provides excellent quality and a good finish for JR smart walls.

Cost effective

JR Smart walls or precast boundary walls are cost-effective compared to regular walls since they’re simple to build, allowing us to reduce the costs associated with working for workers and how much time they work. If you want to cover a wide area, it is necessary to purchase the building materials needed, including bricks and cement. Transport and labor expenses are higher. Regarding transport expenses, you can reduce up to 60 % for precast walls made from the JR smart walls.

Time saver

Precast boundary walls or JR smart walls can be real time-saving; as we use them, it’s effortless to set up in our compound, which can help consumers reduce costs and save time.

Long lasting

JR Smart wall or precast compound walls will last an extended period. The material used for the construction of precast compound wall moulding designs wall moulding design is top quality. Precast compound walls are created using our exclusive rubber mold specifically designed for use in constructing the precast compound wall. It assists in building high-end compound walls. The result is a longer life span for our precast compound walls.

Attractive design

Precast compounds made by JR smart walls are extremely elegant and add a luxurious look to our walls. It’s straightforward to set up within our compound. We can easily give our home an attractive and premium appearance in just a brief period.

The designs of compound walls are crucial to the construction process and the daily routine of our lives. Because security and privacy are vital to all, and we all require these, precast compound wall is beneficial. It’s easy to put up precast compound walls in the entire area cost-effectively. Precast compound walls to reduce the time needed and will remain longer. Compound walls are essential for daily life and construction sites


Why should you choose to build compound walls over ordinary walls?

The compound walls offer many benefits over regular barriers, such as low maintenance costs and easy installation across an ample space, high quality and long durable life span, appealing design, and quick duration. Compared to standard walls, compound walls can be profit-making as high as 60%.

What makes JR smart walls unique?

JR smart walls differ from other walls due to the fact that the moulds of rubber that are used for the production of JR smart walls are cast only to be used for compound wall precast designs, which provide a good finish with firm, attractive and durable design. The moulds that we use are high-quality because the rubber that is used to create the rubber moulds used for compound wall precast is sourced from our native in Kerala, India. Unique designs, as well as the specially cast rubber moulds, make JR smart walls different in comparison to other walls.

What is the purpose of precast compound walls?

The precast compound walls block traffic and block out strangers through our personal space. The privacy and security of our daily lives are more than just a matter of walls aiding us. Precast compound walls help bring it to life in a very short period and at a cost-effective price.

How are precast compound walls made?

Precast concrete that has been poured into a reusable JR-made rubber mold that can be specially cast to make wall precasting; after it has completed the filling of concrete, the mould will be put in the vibrating table to vibrate, which assists in removing air bubbles that are present in the concrete. Precast compound walls have an excellent finish.