Precast Compound Walls

We are proudly introducing

A groundbreaking concept in the world of boundary walls

Our innovative world of precast compound walls!

Smart walls are precast designer compound walls, cast in the factory, and ready to install. They come in unique design combinations in various color combinations, and they can be painted, too!

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Precast compound walls

JR Smart Walls is an ingenious idea from JR Rubber Industries. Security and privacy are essential to everyone, and compound walls can provide the privacy you require for your home or your favourite place. We are delighted to introduce JR Smart Walls by JR Rubber Industries. Smart walls are panels that have been precast and manufactured in a factory that is easy to install. They come in a range of unique designs different colour options, and are painted too. They are utilizing the latest precast technology using rubber moulds to make precast compound walls that have been streamlined to allow for faster installation. Our walls are renowned for their long-lasting durability and demand minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan.

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