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By JR Smart Walls | Date :- 06 – Oct – 2023

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Home boundary wall designs

Boundary walls play a significant role in our lives; we all require boundary walls. It concerns the privacy and safety of our home, building or private property, and surroundings. In this article, we discuss the advantages of precast home boundary walls and how they influence the field of compound walls. The difference between the precast boundary walls and traditional or regular compound walls. Why always choose precast compound walls, etc?

Precast Home Boundary Wall Designs

We all know the traditional compound walls and their method and are bored with them. Brick walls made traditionally are time-consuming to make and costly to maintain. It is tough to create custom designs on traditional compound walls. However, precast compound walls or home boundary walls are the real solution. Precast compound walls are fast and easy to install, even in a vast area. Precast compound walls are made with the concrete mix; concrete is an ideal material used in construction areas. Due to concrete use, the compound walls are stronger and more durable than the traditional compound walls.

Precast compound walls are more profitable than traditional or ordinary compound walls. Precast compound walls are time-saving, low maintenance, low space consumption, highly durable, and fire, termite, and weather resistant. We can easily make custom designs in precast compound walls with the help of rubber moulds. However, it is not easy to create a custom design in ordinary or traditional compound walls, and also it will take more time to make.

Nowadays, precast boundary walls influence the field of compound walls. The sturdy and long-lasting behavior of the precast compound walls is the main reason behind this. Precast compound walls are a time-saving technology; the compound walls are already cast in the factory and will be installed on the site. Due to this, installing precast compound walls is an easy way, so it is a time-saving process. Let’s examine all the advantages of precast compound walls.

Home Boundary Wall Designs

Tide Wave Design

A compound wall gives authentic curves and flowing patterns of the ocean’s waves. The design is made by making special rubber moulds for compound wall precast. It provides high-end quality and long-lasting compound walls. The basis for this is that the moulds made of rubber we use in mould production are top-quality raw rubber from our state of Kerala, India.

The specially designed Wall of the tide waves makes it easily cleaned. The nature of ocean waves makes dust particles non-sticky. So, dust particles caused by rain or wind are less due to the form of the tide’s waves. So, maintenance for walls is lower than typical wall constructions.

Urban Fence Design

The design of urban fences is a critical element in the design of boundary walls. It provides security and an attractive appearance to commercial and residential buildings. The primary purpose of all fences is to offer privacy and security for our home. A unique style of urban fences makes them more appealing and provides a luxurious appearance to the surroundings without the need for boundary walls. 

Precast walls for boundary walls can be easily installed over a vast area. It is crucial to ensure maintenance is carried out for compound walls to maintain their durability and efficiency. Compared with regular compound wall or precast compound wall styles, the maintenance costs are comparatively lower for urban fence design.

Hi Wall Design

In the present, the design of a compound wall is crucial. Hi-wall design is among the top styles for this. Hi-walls are well-known for their strength, durability, and attractive designs. They are constructed of cement concrete, which can ensure high stability in all weather conditions and offer long-lasting life.


Show that your boundary wall is more than a mere security device using JR Smart Walls. It’s the perfect opportunity to enhance the look of your walls using precast designs for compound walls. Everyone working in construction, whether builders or contractors, prefers a precast compound wall because it’s easy to put up, even in large areas. JR Smart Walls creates unique compound wall moulding designs that are different from others.

The compound walls are created using specially designed compound wall rubber moulds designed to make compound walls precast, making the compound walls solid and sturdy with an original design. The moulds for rubber made by JR Rubber Industries are high in quality as the rubber used in the rubber moulding process is sourced from only the state of Kerala, which gives our people who purchase the moulds and our products.


Why should you choose to build compound walls over ordinary walls?

The compound walls offer many benefits over regular barriers, such as low maintenance costs and easy installation across an ample space, high quality and long durable life span, appealing design, and quick duration. Compared to standard walls, compound walls can be profit-making as high as 60%.

What makes JR smart walls unique?

JR smart walls differ from other walls due to the fact that the moulds of rubber that are used for the production of JR smart walls are cast only to be used for compound wall precast designs, which provide a good finish with firm, attractive and durable design. The moulds that we use are high-quality because the rubber that is used to create the rubber moulds used for compound wall precast is sourced from our native in Kerala, India. Unique designs, as well as the specially cast rubber moulds, make JR smart walls different in comparison to other walls.

What are the benefits of precast compound walls?
  • High quality
  • Strength
  • Cost effective
  • Time saver
  • Long lasting life
  • Attractive designs
What is the purpose of precast compound walls?

The precast compound walls block traffic and block out strangers through our personal space. The privacy and security of our daily lives are more than just a matter of walls aiding us. Precast compound walls help bring it to life in a very short period and at a cost-effective price.

How are precast compound walls made?

Precast concrete that has been poured into a reusable JR-made rubber mold that can be specially cast to make wall precasting; after it has completed the filling of concrete, the mould will be put in the vibrating table to vibrate, which assists in removing air bubbles that are present in the concrete. Precast compound walls have an excellent finish.

What's the point of the precast compound wall?

The primary purpose behind the precast compound wall is to offer safety and security for our home. The precast compound walls are appealing and durable as compared to conventional design. It is easy to install as well as low maintenance. It provides a high-quality outlook for our surroundings within a very short period.