Best 3 Compound Wall Designs

By JR Smart Walls | Date :- 14 – Sep – 2023

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compound wall designs

We have compiled the most effective three compound wall designs that will make your home appear like a premium. The designs of compound walls are beautiful, and installing precast compound wall designs, also known as JR smart walls, is effortless and efficient.

DS 102 Brick design

The DS 102 brick style is one of the most popular designs frequently used in residential zones and commercial areas to safeguard our homes. DS 102 brick-designed compound wall features a brick-shaped shape. We were unable to recognize the wall made of brick since it’s similar to the walls constructed from regular brick. It makes the DS 102 brick design more desirable than other wall designs.

DS 100 Classic

DS 100 Classic compound wall is an iconic design that can be found for commercial and residential locations. Numerous small squares of this wall give a classy look to our surroundings. The numerous small squares of the compound wall are unique from all others.

DS 101 Tide wave design

DS 101 Tide wave design is innovative and impressive by JR precast compound walls. The DS 101 Tide wave precast compound wall is designed in a wave shape, giving our house or our plot an entirely different look.The wave-shaped precast compound wall is constructed from cement by using molds made of rubber for making the precast wall. That gives the wall an excellent finish, sturdy and durable.

Role of compound wall designs in Kerala

Precast compounds are vital when designing wall styles in kerala. Because this is a common scenario in Kerala, as well as various states around the globe, the condition of our house and the security are crucial. The compound wall not only keeps people from entering our property, but it also serves as a barrier that stops the flow of traffic and people from coming into our home without permission. It provides privacy as well as protection. The walls we use are compound. Thanks to JR smart walls and precast compound walls, you can create privacy quickly in the shortest amount of time. The wave-like designs and the classic brick-like designs in JR smart walls have made them famous and unique, providing an elegant look to your house in a brief amount of time and with lower expenses. Precast compound walls are significant in designs for compound walls in Kerala.

Benefits of precast compound walls

  • High strength
  • Cost effective
  • Time saver
  • Long lasting
  • Attractive designs

The design of compound wall designs are essential for the construction process and everyday routines of our lives. Since privacy and security are essential to everyone as we all need the same, compound walls made of precast provide a great benefit. It is simple to build precast compound walls across the whole area at a cost-effective rate. Compound walls made of precast will reduce the time needed and stay longer. Compound walls are crucial in everyday life as well as construction sites. Precast wall panels are essential in all offices or homes as they provide security for our surroundings and outdoor floor tiles. The precast compound walls produced by JR Smart walls are more durable because they use concrete vibrating tables. Utilized, make the wall more substantial and more appealing.


Why should you choose to build compound walls over ordinary walls?

The compound walls offer many benefits over regular barriers, such as low maintenance costs and easy installation across an ample space, high quality and long durable life span, appealing design, and quick duration. Compared to standard walls, compound walls can be profit-making as high as 60%.

What makes JR smart walls unique?

JR smart walls differ from other walls due to the fact that the moulds of rubber that are used for the production of JR smart walls are cast only to be used for compound wall precast designs, which provide a good finish with firm, attractive and durable design. The moulds that we use are high-quality because the rubber that is used to create the rubber moulds used for compound wall precast is sourced from our native in Kerala, India. Unique designs, as well as the specially cast rubber moulds, make JR smart walls different in comparison to other walls.

What is the purpose of precast compound walls?

The precast compound walls block traffic and block out strangers through our personal space. The privacy and security of our daily lives are more than just a matter of walls aiding us. Precast compound walls help bring it to life in a very short period and at a cost-effective price.

How are precast compound walls made?

Precast concrete that has been poured into a reusable JR-made rubber mold that can be specially cast to make wall precasting; after it has completed the filling of concrete, the mould will be put in the vibrating table to vibrate, which assists in removing air bubbles that are present in the concrete. Precast compound walls have an excellent finish.