How Precast Boundary Wall Design Influence 2023

By JR Smart Walls | Date :- 18 – Sep – 2023

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boundary wall design

The precast boundary wall design influences our lives and the construction field. We want to ensure privacy and security for everyone, and we do this by designing long-lasting and beautiful walls. Precast compound walls help us make this solution a reality. We say that the precast wall design influences our 2020 vision.

Advantages of precast boundary wall design

High strength

Rubber moulds specially designed for precast wall design are used to make the boundary wall designs. JR Smart Walls’ precast compound wall moulds are of high quality because we use only high-quality rubber materials that collect from our native state. Our moulds and boundary walls are unique. JR rubber moulds produce boundary walls that are strong and durable. Your surroundings also look more premium with an attractive finish.

Cost effective

JR Smart Walls, or precast compound wall, is more economical than regular walls. They are easy to construct, allowing us to reduce the costs of labor and time spent by employees. Bricks and cement are required to build a regular wall. The most significant prices include transportation and delivery. Comparing this with the transportation cost, we can save as much as 60% on the precast wall made from the compound.

Time saver

It is easy to install precast walls in the compound, which can save consumers time and money. When compared to the traditional wall-making process, we can cover a massive area in a shorter time.

Long lasting

JR Smart walls or precast compounds will last a long time. Precast compound walls are constructed with concrete. Our exclusive rubber mould is used to create precast compound walls, which helps to build high-end concrete compound walls. Our precast walls have a greater lifespan.

Attractive design

The designs of precast boundary walls are very stylish and attractive. Comparing the design to the standard fence, we can install it easily in our environment. It may cost more money and time to create a stylish, attractive design on a regular wall. But with precast walls, we can make beautiful compound walls quickly.

JR smart walls are an innovative concept from JR Rubber Industries, the world’s biggest manufacturer of moulds made of Plastic, PVC, and Rubber mould designs for pavers. We are also creating beautiful and original patterns for paver brick and wall moulding designs that can transform your surroundings into stylish and elegant designs.


Why should you choose to build compound walls over ordinary walls?

The compound walls offer many benefits over regular barriers, such as low maintenance costs and easy installation across an ample space, high quality and long durable life span, appealing design, and quick duration. Compared to standard walls, compound walls can be profit-making as high as 60%.

What makes JR smart walls unique?

JR smart walls differ from other walls due to the fact that the moulds of rubber that are used for the production of JR smart walls are cast only to be used for compound wall precast designs, which provide a good finish with firm, attractive and durable design. The moulds that we use are high-quality because the rubber that is used to create the rubber moulds used for compound wall precast is sourced from our native in Kerala, India. Unique designs, as well as the specially cast rubber moulds, make JR smart walls different in comparison to other walls.

What is the purpose of precast compound walls?

The precast compound walls block traffic and block out strangers through our personal space. The privacy and security of our daily lives are more than just a matter of walls aiding us. Precast compound walls help bring it to life in a very short period and at a cost-effective price.

How are precast compound walls made?

Precast concrete that has been poured into a reusable JR-made rubber mold that can be specially cast to make wall precasting; after it has completed the filling of concrete, the mould will be put in the vibrating table to vibrate, which assists in removing air bubbles that are present in the concrete. Precast compound walls have an excellent finish.